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Dear friends of cycling!

We are delighted to invite you for the 33. sportive cycling tour back and forth to Strasbourg, France, the twin city of Stuttgart.
At the same time we want to thank the many helpers on and behind the scene who do just about everything, to make the tour what it is: A widely known and appreciated cycling event. Special thanks go to the City of Stuttgart for continuous, friendly support.


Saturday, September 09, 2017



7.45 a.m. Stuttgart, at the Opera House
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 3
Please come early

Today’s trip



180 km, approx. 110 miles, 5 long uphill stretches in the black forest

Rhine river crossing by ferry-boat
last 40 km flat into Strasbourg

Arrival 4.00 p.m. approx. at hotel






Novotel Centre Halles

Quai Kleber

67000 Strasbourg

Phone: +33 (0)3 88 21 50 50


7.00 p.m. altogether in a nearby restaurant, (pre-selected menu)

Sunday, September 10, 2017


6.45 a.m. beginning in our hotel


7.45 a.m. meet for group foto

8.00 a.m. exactly, departure

Today’s trip


170 km, approx. 105 miles, many in black forest,
4 long uphill stretches, first one 18 km with 800 meters altitude
Arrival 4.15 p.m. approx. Stuttgart, Schlossplatz


Regulations, Participants, Prices


Both days we will cycle as closed formation in row two by two. In order to clear the way and also for security reasons the formation will be headed by a clearly marked car. Behind the car will be a few cyclists from RTC Stuttgart who lead the formation. Neither these cyclists nor the car may be passed. Behind the formation will be another vehicle, marking the end of formation and equipped for technical support.

There will also be a chief en route who may command the formation if necessary. For the longer uphill stretches this chief will release a signal (whistle blow) after which everyone is free to find his or her individual speed.

After every about 30 miles there will be a break, where beverages, snacks and fruit will be at hand.

The event takes place in all weathers.

During the whole tour there is no chance to quit, unless having an accident or technical problem that can’t be solved. Also during our tour there will be no opportunity to catch clothes from your luggage. Please bring a windbreaker if needed.



Participation in the event is limited to 50 active cyclists. The route of the tour is challenging, cycling in closed formation requires discipline and constant attention. Participants should meet these requirements. We reserve the right to admit only participants who are trained and prepared accordingly. The average speed will more than 15 mph.



Euro 130 per person until June 30, 150 Euro after June 30.
Including guidance, beverages and snacks on tour, dinner in Strasbourg (drinks have to be paid) breakfast and one overnight in double room.

Euro 182.50 per person in single room (limited offer) until June 30, 202.50 Euro after June 30.

Euro 110 per person in double room for companion, not cycling and travelling individually.
Euro 10 for a car parcing space in Stuttgart (limited offer)

Important, Please Note

Parking in Stuttgart

           Parkgarage Landtag (limited offer for 10 Euro)
Bike   Road bike, carefully maintained, suggested transmission: 50/34 – 13/26






With registration form at
Peter Mehrer
Phone: 0151-1216 3028









14 days after written confirmation by the latest.
With bank-order to the following account:

RTC Stuttgart 1980 e.V.

BW-Bank Stuttgart

IBAN: DE41 6005 0101 0001 1111 32





  If presented until July 31 we will keep Euro 10, if presented between
August 1 and August 31 we will keep half the price paid.
After this day there will be no refund, however a substitute may participate.





For your own safety wearing of a helmet is compulsory.

Also for your safety handlebars, type Triathlon, are not allowed in the formation.

Likewise we will not accept pumps and tubes on your bike.

In case of technical problems the rear vehicle takes care.





We do anything reasonable to ensure a good, pleasant event.

However RTC Stuttgart denies any liability. Every participant cycles at own risk and responsibility.

We strongly recommend you check your insurance against accident and liability.

Shower   Very sorry, unfortunately none in Stuttgart on Sunday.




Organization, guidance, transport of luggage, full coverage of beverages,

snacks and food en route, dinner, hotel, technical service (spare parts are to be paid).

Do not forget   ID or passport

Track to download To modify the route reserved.

We wish a good, pleasant ride!

30. twin city tour 2014 © Roland Krause
30. twin city tour 2014 © Roland Krause